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"The Harp is my Love". So states WaterArk Records recording artist Hollienea with the release of her first CD titled "Vision of the Grail". After listening, you will understand the meaning of her statement. Alive with the spirit of so long ago, but reflecting the emotion of a new age, graciously touched by the mystic. The harp and voice and their expression and seduction is at one with Hollienea's soul.

Harpist Hollienea's enchanting and passionate approach to her music stems from a most auspicious and unique upbringing. Born and raised by a traditional Hungarian / Irish family, it was her fascination and conviction to her own Gypsy blood and cultural heritage that lead her early on to realize that music would be her way. As she grew, her travels with Gypsy musicians and dance troops made it clear that her life ambition was to share these exotic sentiments and culture with others. Her musical genre could be described as multi-cultural, combined with the more contemporary feel of todays New Age.

Now with the release of her second CD "Ascending Souls" and third CD "Beginnings"   Harpist Hollienea is ready to fulfill her life long dream of sharing her music with you.